sezatoare_valea_sebesului (5)
Sebes Valley Association held at Casa Faur, a „șezătoare” as it was once in the villages around Sebeş. Women sit around the shank and men maintain the atmosphere with the flute, dance and good cheer. Traditional products specific to the region, all meant that the participants for a few moments relive evenings in which they gather at a „sezatoare”.

Those who want to relive these colorful moments of joy and remembrance, and did not have so far had the opportunity, are welcome in the Valley of Sebeş, where are held such authentic evenings. Association “Rural tourism Sebeș Valley” has organized a traditional „șezătoare” with everything that requires such an event. The action takes place in a framework traditional arranged with woven garb. The hostess prepares for visitors traditional dishes and gives them wine and plum brandy. Girls and older women are coming up with things by hand, such as spinning wool, crocheting, sewing, weaving the nightdresses „razboi” and others, where aged women transmit forward to young girls the tradition of handy work. On the other hand, the men maintain the atmosphere with flute, and invites the girls to dance.Such a truly new experience authentic they sing, play, they tell legends,eat and drink specific traditional products. The purpose of „șezătorii” is represented by a meeting between young ones with the older ones, where the aged transmit forward the tradition, and narrate wisely the happenings in their lives, giving advice to the younger.From Sebeșului Valley „sezatoare” have not missed any delicious an dtraditiona eats: Loman cheese, lamb soup with polenta, truckle cheese, pancakes with curd on slab, pig meat with polenta, and other goodies.
Each „sezatoare” has its own charm, reminding us of our grandparent’s days, full of joy, in which we remember the joy and the good life you can live with, and it’s a better life, when you can enjoy it with friends, and with things made by our hands.