About AVS


The form organized of Romanian rural tourism is still at the beginning; most of us are aware of the tourism potential whether we are tourists or we are profesional involved in a commercial activity with tourist purposes.

The desiderate of an organised rural tourism and with a tourist perspective over this valley, in the winter of our year, 20 acommodation owners, craftsman, local administration and professionals from related fields formed a legal and non-guvernmental associative structure, after the French model of our partners ADTR, Gites de France, Rhone Department. As a result, AVS established targets for “Valea Sebesului” region, having the faith that these concern better locally and concretely.

Valea Sebesului unfolds on the River Sebes, starting with Sebes and climbing up to 2130 m, towards The Sureanu Mountains (Carpathians). A Valley which comply, it created high mountain slopes in time, interrupted from place to place by the openings of a village full of life. This area was quite away from the curious tourists, for various reasons. The fact is that there are planty tourist attractions but they are untapped.

The Asociation Valea Sebesului is founded legal by court order at Sebes Court with number 513 from date: 29 april 2014.

In the Statute of AVS the following are specified:

– The Asociation Valea Sebesului is founded according to Governemnt Ordonance nr. 26 from 30 january 2000 regarding associations and foundations (…) – art. 1 al (1)

– The general aim of the asociation is to support sustainable development of Sebes Valley in all its aspects (socail, economic, cultural and eco-friendly) , mostly by promoting and support rural tourism and all its complementary activities » art. 7

By its activity, AVS want to achieve the next aims:

– Promotion and development of tourism activity in the rural area

– Encourage maintaining traditional culture of the Sebes Mountains: crafts, popular architecture, popular customs and traditions, port and folk dance etc.

– Achievement of publication, magazines, brochures, maps, posters, web pages, and any other advertising materials that which can promote the association activity inside the community and to public beneficiary.

– Organizing conferences, shows, sport competitions, thematic festivals, fairs or other festivities

– Supporting and intitiating mutual actions with other neighboring communities to harness the existing opportunities in the surrounding areas for the benefit of all

– Supporting and promoting internal and international cooperation with similar organisations » art. 8

The asociation is oppen to anyone who is interested in developing the local community » art. 34 al. (2)

AVS currently has 25 members, founders and worshipers, who unfold rural tourism activities or who have projects in this domein: they meet on a regular basis (once every two months) to discuss and decide over the events and activities which take place in the asociation. They are either aprroved hostels owners, either owners of new structures prepared to receive tourists ( in the course of approvel) or people who can make a contribution in fulfiling the group missions ( expert in Sebes Valley costums, representatives of the city hall – the mayor of Sasciori and an advisier responsible for the management of the forest stock, experts in different areas- animation of groups, national and european legislation, computer science, accounting) .

Plan de dezvoltare


AVS a desfasurat in perioada ianuarie 2004 – iunie 2013 urmatoarele activitati :

– Inventar si documentare asupra partimoniului local si a posibilitatilor de agrement de pe Valea Sebesului

– Inventar intern al structurilor de cazare active in curs de omologare

– Realizarea de pliante ale asociatiei

– Realizarea unei pagini web

– Organizarea interna a asociatiei si intretinerea functionarii sale prin intilniri periodice ale Consiliului Director

– Parteneri interni : Alba-AFRODA, Asociatia de Turism Rural Transilvan ATRT Sibiu, Asociatia “Izvoarele Ariesului”, Asociatia Judeteana de Agroturism Vilcea, Ambasada Frantei in Romania, Aventure Apuseni.

– Parteneri externi : Gites de France Departamentul Rhone, Office du Tourisme Col de Crie, Departamentul Rhone

– Participarea la trei schimburi de experienta in turism rural intre 6 regiuni ale Romaniei (Sibiu, Alba, Brasov, Hunedoara si Vilcea), din care unul a fost organizat pe Valea Sebesului, cu sponsorizarea CICDA – Ministerul Afacerilor Externe din Franta

– Vizita pe Valea Ariesului, cu ocazia desfasurarii primei editii a tirgului national de turism rural de la Girda de Sus

– Vizita pe Valea Ariesului, cu ocazia desfasurari tirgului de turism rural pentru agetiile de turism de la Albac

– Participarea unui reprezentant legal al asociatiei la Seminarul Francofon pe Turism Rural, Satu Mare, 2-3 Iulie

– Vizita a 10 persoane, membrii ai asociatiei, in Franta, Departamentul Rhone, in luna septembrie 2004 si realizarea unei seri romanesti cu expozitie fotografica si port popular, ce a avut loc la oficiul de turism Col de Crie, Departamentul Rhone, Franta

– Stagiu in turism rural efectuat pe o perioada de 2 luni in Franta de presedinta asociatiei

– Elaboarea unor fise privind normele europene si bunele practici pentru construirea unei pensiuni agroturistice, in cadrul proiectului cu finantare europeana “Fondul Europa 2003”, implementat de Asociatia Alba-AFRODA

– Organizarea si gazduirea celei de-a doua editii a “Cursului de formare de animatori in spatiul rural”, La Carari , 30 mai – 5 iunie 2005

– Organizarea pentru membrii asociatiei a unui curs de “administrator de pensiune agroturistica”, in urma caruia THR a acordat diplomele necesare omologarii

– Inceperea unei colaborari intre comuna Sasciori si Comuna Cenves (Franta), prin intilnirea primarilor celor doua comune, intilnire ce a avut loc in Franta, prin delegatia AVS, din care a facut parte si d-nul primar, Florin Morar.

– Stabilirea cadrului de parteneriat cu o agentie de turism din Cluj Napoca

– Organizare si ghidaj a circuitelor nationale pentru 3 grupuri franceze (pentru anul 2005) ;

– Realizarea unui diagnostic asupra turismului rural pe Valea Sebesului si a aspectelor practice de transformare a unuei ferme locale in pensiune turistica (06.05-25.08.2005)